Sunday, September 11, 2016

Adventures In Sewing Part 1

Hello once again friends!

A few months back, I found a SUPER good deal on a pair of jeans (like 75% name brand type of good deal)! And, like any budget wise beauty, I tried them on before buying them, even though I was certain that they would be my size. Well, unfortunately they fit GREAT...except for the fact that they were almost four inches too long. I was heartbroken. But, I decided to go ahead and purchase them anyways, I could always hem them, riiiiight?

Well, flash forward a couple of months and I am still struggling with the significantly too long jeans. Now that we have moved-- yes, I did indeed drag these unhemmed pants halfway across the country-- and I finally have my sewing machine set up (Hurray!), I can finally conquer this (what should be pretty simple) straightforward task of hemming my pants. Fun fact #1: I have never hemmed anything before, so we shall see how this goes.

On a side note, I do have sewing experience, but it is primarily in sport related four way stretch fabric.

On another side note, before we start this jean hemming process, we went last weekend up (about ten miles north of us) to a used furniture store, but they also have all sorts of other used trinkets and whatnot. And it just so happened that while we were looking for other pieces of furniture, we came across this awesome sewing table (pictured below). It is sturdy, has storage space, and is all around wonderful, and in good condition....But the BEST part is...we only had to pay $10 for it. I was extremely happy with that find.

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